One Bullet

IMG_1461 (1)


We the people
within reason
maintain our integrity
to defend

our freedom of religion,
ourselves, our families
and the constitution
of the United States. We refuse

to bend
when it comes to criminals,
political correctness
and the second amendment.

We the people
within reason
believe our Nation
is under God, indivisible
with inalienable rights
and justice for all.

To the republican
and the democrat,
to the socialist, the liberalist
and supreme justices,
to the universities and psychiatrists
going weak in the knees
on common sense: until
we see higher purpose, true awakening
of judgement and reason
within self, nation and the world,
we will relinquish our guns
one bullet at a time.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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