Book Promotion – A Modern Day Children’s Fable

A Modern Day Children’s Fable Children are increasingly exposed to drugs at an earlier and earlier age. My new picture book delves into the subject with straightforward consequences to marijuana sm…

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Custody for wordpress

God granted us
custody of this planet,
this magical world
formed of thought,
insects, plants and fowl,
of mammals,
reptiles and the human smile. Continue reading

Gone Fishing


WALLEYE RUN painting by Richard Rensberry
author at QuickTurtle Books®

Soon the ice will break up, the snow will melt and the creeks will boil and rush helter-skelter into the lakes. The suckers will come, then the northerns and the walleye to the mouth of Warren Creek. As the sun sets on the middle of May and the moon flashes silver off a minnow, you’ll find me in waders with my rod tipped in glee. Continue reading