The Decision To Be

Title page

I wrote a children’s book called “If I Were a Caterpillar”.  In the book, the caterpillar is going through the miracle of metamorphosis.  While doing so, he is dreaming about becoming the regal monarch he knows he is destined to be.  He is reveling in that great and glorious day when he will unfold his precious wings and flit away into a topsy-turvy world of butterfly delight.  Someone who saw my book, factually confronted me, saying, “caterpillars can’t dream”.   How bizarre and unfortunate, I thought!  A child inherently understands this concept of imagination.  He will tell you with certainty that a caterpillar does dream, and those dreams are miraculous!  It is not the caterpillar that lacks for imagination, it is unfortunately, the person who denies that a caterpillar is incapable of such magnificence.   A child believes (like the dreaming caterpillar) we can be anything we decide to be.   

Richard and Mary Rensberry, Authors at QuickTurtle Books®

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