I Saw It Coming, Part 8


     Two fingers was taking his time.  He was in dealing mode and I was learning a little more than I really cared to know.  Kim had relationships with several of the local shops on and off Market Street.  Your everyday business owners or their employees were apparently into whatever it was he was selling.  Meth?  Cocaine? Heroin?  Maybe all or just some weed?

     I had to keep my distance in order to not get spotted.  He often looked around as if he were expecting the cops to show up at any moment.  I was surprised they hadn’t since it was so obvious what he was up to.  If I could garner this much information by following him a few short blocks, why didn’t the Narcs have a tail on him?  Strange world.

     Eventually Two Fingers made his way back to the Tin Man’s and sat down in a window seat by the door.  As he did so I slipped into the Taco Bell just down the street so I could watch for a bit to see what might transpire.  I ordered a couple of beef tacos and sat in a seat near the window.

     I was into my second taco wishing I had ordered chicken when the Vulture lumbered by outside on the sidewalk.  He was getting downright fat and I couldn’t help but think about the greens his mom was so fond of.  The Vulture could use some of those greens.  I felt sorry for the kid.

     I watched as he jaywalked across Market and went into the Tin Man’s.  He immediately  slipped into the chair across from Two Fingers Kim.  I felt a tinge of disappointment.  This kid was a real loser if he was hanging around the likes of Kim.  He was going to end up in a jail cell with some hard-ass nasty characters if he didn’t wise up.

     A short while later both the Vulture and Kim walked out and headed my way.  This time however, Kim grabbed the kid by the arm and pointed at the crosswalk.  Goes to show you, even some criminals have manners.  I slipped out of my seat and dissolved into the shadows back away from the window.  I had come this far so I was willing to take it all the way.  When they passed, I went out the door and followed as they headed up Market Street.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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