Road Apple Pie


These are the apple days of September when we find Johnny Appleseed has left his footprints all along the roads of Northern Michigan.  The apple crop is ripe, with the early birds like the Transparent and the Dutch already deer fodder.   Before those breeds fell to the ground in late August, I found, picked and made crisp from their distant  relatives.  Picked just before ripe, they are deliciously tart and make scrumptious crisps and pies, not bad in my oatmeal, either. Continue reading

Common Sense 2014 Issue 8: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising


Do you find it inappropriate that drug companies are allowed to blatantly advertise prescription drugs to the general public on TV, radio, the Internet, etc.? It’s called Direct-to-Consumer advertising.

Prescription drugs are certainly not direct to the consumer products. They are doctor to patient products. That’s why they are PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Prescription drugs are pushed to the tune of somewhere between $30,000,000,000.00 (that’s billion) and $60 billion annually to both the general public and their physicians. $61,000.00 per year per doctor are spent by drug companies promoting prescription drugs to those doctors.

This is a staggering amount of money just to get someone’s attention in order to sell them some hit and miss pharmaceutical chemicals mass produced in a lab. Chemicals that are toxic to the human body in one form or another. Chemicals that should be used only as a last resort on patients and not the first. In many instances the side effects of these chemicals are way worse than the malady purported as being fixed-when in actuality the malady is not fixed at all. Most drugs fix nothing, they simply treat the symptoms by creating other symptoms that then need another drug to treat those symptoms, ad infinitum. Before you know it, companies like Phizer have you hooked on seven or eight medications just to manage all of the symptoms created by the first medication on the chain.

How’s that for a pyramid scheme to steal your hard earned money to create billions more in advertising? This advertising is then used to create thousands upon thousands more unsuspecting clients. Then more advertising and more patients. CRAZY.

Do you subscribe or should I say prescribe to this? I don’t. I find it appalling and believe it is time to do something about it. It is time to think about banning drug companies from this gross practice of Direct-to-Consumer advertising. I’ve heard more than enough about 4 hour erections, internal bleeding, suicidal thoughts, etc.

I am contemplating starting an online petition to ban these multi-billion dollar corporations from Direct-to-Consumer advertising. Would you sign it?

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™



There are times people have to stop what they are doing.  We have to examine ourselves and our actions.  We have to take the blinders off and look at the bottom line, truth.  We are not slaves.  We are not pre-programmed robots with pre-programmed responses.  We are thinking sentient beings ultimately responsible for our own thoughts, our own actions and inactions that result in reality.  We are responsible for ourselves as well as the well being of our children.  We are responsible for their physical and mental make-up and health.  We are responsible for their up-bringing.  After all, they are children.

Presently, it is a cruel reality that millions of kids are being labeled with and drugged for imaginary mental disorders by people that have chosen to put and keep their blinders on.  Kids are not mentally ill.  Let me repeat that.  KIDS ARE NOT MENTALLY ILL.  They are just kids in need of good parenting, good nutrition, sound goals and purposes, good physical education habits, good fun and constructive activities.  They also need sound spiritual principles and spiritual mentors on their path to adulthood.  Given those things most children thrive.  What they don’t need are drugs.

Drugs are poison.  Drugs are irresponsible.  Drugs are cruel.  Drugs are spiritual murder and a cop out by those that should be held accountable.  Us.  I know we have created and live in a very mechanistic and self-centered society.  That does not justify this barbaric behavior of shrugging off our own responsibilities onto the shoulders of innocent children.  They are not responsible.  They are not mentally ill.  They are being subjected to the punishment of strong psychotropic drugs instead of being helped.  They are thrown into the darkness of being alone and betrayed.  It’s time to stop and examine the repercussions of what we are doing.  It’s time to wake up.  This isn’t a dream.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™

Common Sense, Snake Oil


“Any need for a chemical or drug, be the need be derived via mind or body can be considered an addiction.  Creating that need and addiction is the job of modern day advertisers, kinfolk to the old snake oil salesmen that once sold cure-all elixirs filled with alcohol, opium, heroine, cocaine, etc.  Drug companies spend billions of dollars in advertising annually for the chance to catch you with your eyes closed and your pants down.  Their ads are plastered all over the internet and on TV.  You see them in magazines and on billboards.  Men (presumably with erectile dysfunction) sit around 24/7 thinking up new ads to get you hooked mentally or physically on one of their “products”.  Annually, only a handful of innocent people are killed as a result of police brutality.  The police are kittens and lambs compared to these snake oil crackers.  Drug companies kill thousands upon thousands of innocent people annually with their poisonous elixirs.  If you feel a need to vent your anger, pick a worthy opponent like Phizer.  Or how about Monsanto? Most policemen I have met are great guys and gals.  They are your friends, they’re not your enemy.”

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™

Common Sense Irrationality

“It is completely and utterly irrational that millions of children could and do get sedated through the prescribing of psychiatric medications. When the so called most learned members of a society promote and carry out this mass drugging of their offspring, that segment of society doing the drugging could rightfully be called insane.”

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™


Common Sense 2014 Issue 1

Common Sense; 1) Ordinary good sense or sound practical judgement. 2) normal intelligence. 3) decisions guided by reason and principle.

“Who the Author of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the public, as the Object for Attention is the DOCTRINE ITSELF, not the MAN. Yet it may not be necessary to say, that he is unconnected with any Party, and under no sort of influence public or private, but the influence of reason and principle.” Thomas Paine, Feb.14th, 1776.

I make no claims that I am anything but a person with ordinary good sense. I am not attempting to impress anyone. I did not attend a University to acquire higher education degrees or important titles to add to my name. I am simply a sentient being with a full set of faculties. In other words, I have two eyes, two ears and all my other innate senses fully intact. So having, my inherent nature to know right from wrong is in full force. I have a sound mind, a stout conscious and I am capable of a wide spectrum of human emotion. It is all these things and more that are the river that runs deep and foremost, through each and every human being on Earth. We all possess an innate common sense. So how does one’s home, one’s job, his city, his nation and world get so out of kilter as to foster abuse, injustice, and other dire things such as the psychotropic drugging of millions of innocent school age children? How could anyone with any common sense get himself or herself involved in such nonsensical actions? What truly caring psychiatrist or doctor would prescribe these mind-altering drugs to himself, let alone give them to a defenseless child. This is bad behavior by misinformed adults trying to resolve a falsely perceived or imagined bad behavior in children. The child is just being a child, they do not have ADHD, abnormal depression, Bi-polar or any other number of absurdly false labels being bestowed on them. They do not need mind-altering drugs. They need patience, communication, strong parenting, good nutrition and diet, care and proper guidance in school and by health professionals. What is happening instead is unconscionable and criminal. Bottom line, it has become all about the money. Our society has been and is under a relentless barrage of advertising tactics funded by the pharmaceutical industry. It is meant to supplant our common sense with a nascence belief in psychotropics. They are telling you and your children that they have ADHD, depression, Bi-polar disorder and a multitude of other non-existent mental disorders. Their lobbying tactics and endless stream of dollars have already bought Washington. We are on our own folks.

Just what the hell is a psychotropic drug anyway? Let’s define our terms here.

Psychotropic Drug: 1) (of a drug) acting on the mind. 2) a narcotic or stimulant substance or influence. (PSYCHO- + Gk trope; turning

So all drugs in this class act on and influence the mind. That is what they do. They turn the mind away from normal function. They do not kill bacteria, ward off viruses, or in anyway act as a healing agent for the body or mind. They are psychotropic. Many of them anesthetize or deprive one of physical or mental sensation. They turn off appropriate emotional responses and skew the human conscience. A formula for disaster if I’ve ever seen one. Just look at all the recent shootings in our schools and anyone with common sense can see the correlation. These kids are on mind altering drugs and in most cases a deadly mixture of several all at once. These are the facts folks.

Let’s take this a little further and define narcotic and stimulant.

Narcotic: 1) (of a substance) inducing drowsiness, sleep, stupor, or insensibility. 2) (of a drug) affecting the mind. 3) of or involving narcosis (Gk narkotikos (AS NARCOSIS)

Narcosis: 1) a state of insensibility. 2) the working or effects of narcotics. (Gk narkosis f. narkoo; make numb)

Stimulant: that stimulates, esp. bodily or mental activity. (L. stimulare stimulant- urge, goad)

By nature narcotics induce a state of insensibility and numb the ability of a person to reason. By nature a stimulant urges or goads mental activity. Put two and two together and common sense will tell us that on one hand you have insensibility and on the other hand that insensibility is being stimulated. Compound the effects of these drugs with the yet undeveloped minds of kids and you can predict the results. Yes, these school shootings are unreasonable, but common sense clearly points its finger at the pharmaceutical industry as the root cause. Common sense does not put the blame on a child or a gun. You can take away the gun and it’ll be replaced by a pipe bomb, take away the bomb and it’ll be replaced by a Molotov cocktail, ad infinitum as long as the drugging remains in place. Common sense could predict, take away the pharmaceutical pipeline and these violent acts will diminish considerably.

Common Sense 2014