How Does One Maintain Integrity?

Golfing Turtle

How Does One Maintain Integrity?
There is a difference between having integrity and being pompous. Integrity contains a degree of humbleness and the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes to validate rightness when it is present and deserved. It also rightly contains the ability to stand one’s ground in the face of wrongness and persuade by rightness to move wrongness toward more rightness. I know that’s a mouthful, but think about it and I think you will agree that it is true.
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Ashamed To Be A Democrat


The last truly democratic president from the Democratic Party to occupy the White House was John F. Kennedy. Continue reading

The Weed Whacker


     Anyone who has to regularly deal with weeds and grass surely owns one of these whirly devils.  Sure beats the scythe I had to use as a kid when I worked for the county road commission clearing grass and weeds away  from road signs and guard rails.  At the time I was just happy to have such a fine paying job for the summer that would enable me to go to college in the fall.  If George Ballas had been  a little earlier with his weed whacker I probably would have been out a job.  I most likely would have not gone to college and I would have missed all the Coeds and the parties.  The education I mostly missed anyways, but the sex and excitement?  Thank George, for the weed eater a little later than sooner.

     Currently, I have a very large and unruly lot rather than a nice yard surrounding our house.  If not for the weed whacker I’d be the scourge of the neighborhood.  God Bless Mr. Ballas for sticking fishing line in a tin can and spinning it around.  Here in 2015 I’d rather deal with na bunch of irate neighbors than having to attack the lot with a scythe.  Not much can stop the weed eater’s whirling string from decimating the tall grass and weeds, quickly.

     As I chopped through the weeds on this very bright sunny day, I could only hope the guy was fortunate enough to get rich off this miracle of a contraption.  From what I have been reading over a cup of coffee, George was able to make it all happen.  Hallelujah!  He created and ran a very prosperous company for his blessed Weed Whacker.

Richard Rensberry, Author QuickTurtle Books®