Poem from The Wolf Pack Moon

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High Hopes

If I were a mountain,
I’d be rugged and tall
with my head in the clouds.
I’d be wild with rivers that whisper and roar;
I’d flourish with creatures,
forests, and storms. If I were a mountain,
my thunder would pound
hard as a hammer, crisp as the morn.
Come June, I’d flower
with poppy and glow. Come fall,
I’d showcase maple groves. I’d be orange and yellow,
red and bold. If I were a mountain,
I’d be capped in snow. I’d cradle a village
in a quaint meadow. I’d decorate Christmas
with evergreen spruce. If I were a mountain,
miners would sluice
their hopes and dreams from solitude.

Excerpted from The Wolf Pack Moon
Richard Rensberry, The Grumpy Poet

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Inspiration found

Where is inspiration found. We think as we seek it in the night and day. Chasing periods for a hidden thought, finding a hidden thought where there is none. Drawing motivation from the unmotivated as they use their talent in a halfass way.

Do we seek inspiration or does inspiration find us. I ponder this even as I find my answer. She walks beside me and in front of her is a shopping cart with the Target logo on it. We don’t talk for several minutes, but at some point our pace becomes the same. Our walk of lifeis the same. Two different souls, probably with different stories… I don’t know. But what impresses me the mostis that I feel a soul walking by me when in a normal day I pass a hundred shadows attached to bodies I easily forget. It is so rare to find something that touches…

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Project H – The Magic Pocket (Michigan)


Project H, The Magic Pocket

Breakfast at the Paddle Inn set the day up straight with bacon, eggs, hot coffee and a smiling waitress. It was a good place to unfold my county map and search out a place to enter a stream from a backroad. I was anxious for some brook trout fishing away from the hoopla of the Au Sable. The Au Sable is a great river for canoeing and kayaking but for fishing, it generally is as slow as watching snow melt in January. I leave fishing the Au Sable to the tourists if I am serious about catching my limit of trout.

Small stream fishing is not for everyone; it is a tough mosquito ridden journey into brush, chest high nettles and grass, poison ivy, ticks and a host of other hostile elements such as mud, invisible holes, snags, bees, ants and an occasional bear. Beyond…

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Action is what counts

It’s the little things done each day that make a lasting impression. Giving and sharing of one’s ideas, time, money or skills are what brings happiness to yourself and others.  At least that is the viewpoint of Author Mary Rensberry in her new e-book entitled, Christmas Christmas Everyday.

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Colors Speak to More Than the Eyes

Colors Talk New Cover

Colors speak to more than the eyes, they speak to the heart and soul. For a child each color speaks a language they feel, each is a character alive and tactile to the fingers, the tongue and the smile. Colors speak to the imagination.

COLORS TALK by Richard Rensberry is now available from Amazon Books. Buy your copy Today!

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