Wolf Pack Moon in a Cheerful Light



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I REALLY enjoyed Richard Rensberry’s The Wolf Pack Moon. His style is inimitable, cheeky and witty. He puts himself into ordinary things like luck, a window, an onion, San Quentin, all geared for great entertainment for the reader. I would like to thank Richard for cheering me up in this most depressing year.

Richard Rensberry, The Grumpy Poet


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A few days ago, I found and stepped into the last phone booth on Earth to exercise the power of Superman. In one fell swoop I changed the title of my book from HeartWood to:


This is a book of poetry that wends it way through the bows of the love tree where the landscape of the heart is moved by the passions of a man for a woman. These are poems of fervor and drive tempered by the heart. They are both physical and ethereal, simple and complex as matters of the heart can be. Continue reading

Modern Poetry for Modern Times

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Dirty Words

If I were a toothbrush,
I’d know my way
around your tongue.
I’d have knowledge
of how to avoid its deceit
and all your trash-
talking ways. I’d know
the ups and downs
of your teeth, how
their vulgar bite
involves your own
misdeeds. I’d seethe
and find reasons
for your obscenities with girls.
I’d remember how
to get my bristles up.
I wouldn’t hide in the drawer
or idle around the sink.
If I were a toothbrush, I’d leap
off the counter and clean
your bleeping teeth.

Buy and read THE WOLF PACK MOON by Richard Rensberry


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Free Download of Wolf Pack Moon

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The Great Poetry E-Book Free-For-All

USE THE ABOVE LINK FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD OF MY BOOK UNTIL MIDNIGHT PST DECEMBER 1. I would greatly appreciate reviews posted to Amazon. When you go to Amazon Books just type my name into the search and my books will come up so a review can be shared. Thanks.

How the Snake Got Its Tail

I am tired of hearing how useful and healthy Marijuana is. Inhaling smoke into your lungs is about as healthy and intelligent as using anti-depressants to depress people’s emotions. Drugs are not an answer, they are a cover-up.

HarsH ReaLiTy

How the Snake Got Its Tail Cover copy

Marijuana is no joke! It is not healthy! It has little validity to being a medicine. It is a mood altering drug. It is a money motivated venture that has no place in the daily lives of vulnerable children. If you are a parent concerned about the safety of your child, the modern fable, “How the Snake Got Its Tail” is a fabulous tool for your use.


Author Richard Rensberry is a fifteen year veteran in the field of drug education for kids.

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Christmas- a Mind & Heart matter

Tis the Season now and always.

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Yes, when one lives out of one’s heart and has the right mind-set, one is happier in life.  It IS Christmas Christmas Everyday!!  Learn to live life with more fun and enthusiasm.

Check out the new print cover for Christmas Christmas Everyday and order the book for your little ones like I did.  Children love the simplicity of the illustrations and the rhythmical lines of poetry.

Sample 2 Christmas

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