Helping Children

We will be visiting Wilson School this year for Indie Book Day.  Our program will be reading a couple of our children’s books before settling in for a day of helping the fourth grade class write and illustrate a book of their own.

QuickTurtle Fun

We will be teaching them a simple rhyme scheme and having them create a four line stanza for the book theme we provide.  They will have already been introduced to the subject of writing and should have a fun time creating rhymes of their own.  Once they have created the text for the book we will have them change gears by getting out the colored pencils and markers to illustrate their stanzas.  With everyone’s help we plan to have the makings of a real book by the end of the day.

QuickTurtle Books® will then do the work of creating the files for both a paperback and e-Book.  Once completed we will publish the book to Amazon so everyone involved can get their own personal copies to have and give to friends and relatives.   We are looking forward to creating more of these types of events in 2019.