Guest Artist, Mary Rensberry

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Fowl Art, Nature’s Gifts To Humanity

“Nature in all its glory loves to participate in the aesthetic just like humans do.  In fact, nature was and still is our first artist.”   Mary Rensberry 2010

Mary finds fowl art on the streets of San Francisco created by the street pigeons and seagulls.  Her spirituality and sense of humor shine along with the images.  I will share a few from her books, Fowl Art, Listen, and her upcoming book Fowl Art 2.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Take time to listen to others.  And tell someone

                                                                                          you love them.

Master Magician     Master Magician putting stars in the sky.

We’ve been taught there are angels and demos

but suffice it to say there are neither

it is only spirit

that inhabits matter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Listen to yourself.

Life will throw you a curve

be ready to catch it.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Eskimo sitting on the ice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Ghosts     P8290060     I am not my body, I am me

                                                                                       Learning to be with that

                                                                                       Divine Spark of Beingness.


“Everyday is Christmas!”

is what I heard inside me say.

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