Elan Vital


What remains
of the apples
is cider
and the deer.
The north
is storming
with a wolfish grin
wheedled by the wind
and fury is born
in the wild-
eyed horse
flinging its mane
and rearing before it
hell shrieks and steam
wheezing from the beast
like smoke
and harried the geese
and widgeon hiss
and grappling limbs
of aspen crack
like whips on the Michigan shore.

Copyright Midwest Poetry Review and Richard Rensberry
From upcoming book HeartWood to be published December, 2015
by QuickTurtle Books®

2 thoughts on “Elan Vital

  1. Jennifer Calvert July 31, 2015 / 10:19 am

    I love this poem! It’s so beautiful! Love the choice of picture to go with it!!


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