Executive Decision


I will
empty myself
of nail guns and jack-
hammers, spit up
buses, taxis
and concrete.  I will
unplug from dumb
ass ads
for depression, from
drug hazed penis
dysfunction… I will
empty my head, heart
and soul

to nature’s abundance
of pure yellow-
to the fermented
wines of dandelion, pear and lemon
rind; to the sunflower fields
and marigolds; to pollen puddles
sweet and bold
as honey butter
on a waffle.  I will spread

my arms in honor
of the sun; wade enthralled
a moon-lit pond, lay
like Adam with Eve
in a garden beneath
a dappled weave; I will bloom
with scenes
that garner and fetch
and miracles of the universe.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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