Guest Artists: Great Lakes Graham and the Fiddleman

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On Saint Patrick’s Day I had the honor of reading after the performance of Great Lakes Graham and the Fiddleman at the Skyline Event Center in Comins. It was a lively evening filled to capacity in both music and patrons. Troy Graham is a talented song writer and fellow poet from Marquette, Michigan. His partner on the fiddle, Allen Dupris is get-down and ecstatic in bowmanship and accompanying vocals.
I immensely enjoyed the music and time spent with these guys as tentative plans were bantered about for doing a poetry reading up in Marquette in the near future. I look forward to such a warm welcome.
Troy and I also traded books of verse and I am glad to say I felt a strong connection to his work. He is an excellent poet.
I am delighted to share one of his poems in this post.

Snow Plow.

The flowers are sleeping during the winter,
but then again— so is my wandering soul.
The winter reminds me of a Laundromat,
filled with depressingly loud machines
that have the constant need of running
and cleaning things.
I think I’m ready for spring again,
ready for the first rainfall,
ready for the last snow melt,
ready for the first sunny day that I can be outside.
But until then, I guess I will just have to endure
this Laundromat I call winter,
filled with depressingly loud machines that have
the constant need to be running and cleaning
things up.
Maybe one day a snow plow will find my mind,
and if not,
I guess I’ll just wait with anxious eyes until spring-
time comes again.

Troy Graham, from Poems And Stories, Volume One

Great Lakes Graham and the Fiddleman@greatgrahamandthefiddleman 

Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books®

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