Guest Artist Lucille Femine

I am joined today by Children’s book author Lucille Femine.  She is the author and illustrator of LET ME SEE WHAT I COULD BE.

I am going to take the liberty to jump right in here with a few questions before I present an illustrated excerpt from the book.  My first question for Lucille is, what inspired you to write the book, LET ME SEE WHAT I COULD BE?

I used to make up stories for my children when they were going to sleep.  I wanted to call on that memory, but mostly I wanted to communicate something meaningful to children that would reach them on a deeper level, giving them the message that they really can be anything they want.

Thank you.  I’ve known you as a prolific watercolor artist.  Which came first?  The illustrating or the writing?

On this book, the writing came first, then I illustrated it.

I believe you have illustrated two other children’s books, as well.  Can you tell us a little about those?

Yes, I was commissioned to illustrate a book called HANNAH BANANA AND HONEY and later a book written by David Carus called, ANIMAL DETECTIVES.

What are your goals or future plans in the children’s book arena?

I have another book in mind called, “The Man Who Hated to Do the Dishes”. I get a laugh out of everyone I say that to so I’d better write it! Not sure exactly when. Before my husband died, we were writing it together, so it will also be a tribute to him as well. In fact, at his memorial, a good friend came to me and said he had just told her to finish the book! She knew nothing about the book and mentioned it by name.

 I look forward to you writing and publishing it in the future.  What are your social media links where you can be followed and contacted?

I use mostly Facebook and occasionally Twitter and Pinterest. I have a newsletter which I put out every few weeks. And my website, plus Etsy by same name, ArtbyFemine.

    Thanks Lucille.  I’d like to present everyone with an excerpt from LET ME SEE WHAT I COULD BE, written and illustrated by Lucille Femine.


  I could be the light
                   of the moon  

light of moon.jpg

or the skyline at noon. 


I could be the bark
                   of the tree      

bark of tree copy.jpg

or the wings of a bee.

wings of bee.jpg

I could be the twinkle
                   in my sweet dog’s eye 

twinkle dog's eye.jpg

or a cloud in the sky.



cloud in sky.jpg

I could be a bird
                   in the meadow;

bird in meadow.jpg


I could even be green jello. 

green jello.jpg

If you would like to purchase Lucille’s book, LET ME SEE WHAT I COULD BE, it is available from Amazon at:


Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®









9 thoughts on “Guest Artist Lucille Femine

  1. anotetohuguette December 30, 2017 / 4:48 pm

    What a beautiful, uplifting book…the images bring a smile to my face and the words conjure up the carefree childhood days we often leave behind. Thank you for sharing this lovely work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary Rensberry Author at QuickTurtle Books® December 29, 2017 / 9:47 am

    What a wonderfully simple yet profound book by Lucille! I loved it!
    It was great, too, meeting Lucille, through your site, Richard. And I hope to meet Lucille in person one day. We all have a lot in common!

    Liked by 1 person

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