Kitchen Kid

screen shot Wake Helps 2

I love to make breakfast

turning eggs into boats

with French fried chunks

of blueberry toast.

I’ll puddle on syrup

with a butter pat,

a pinch of cinnamon 

on top of all that.

For lunch I’ll make

a bowl full of green,

spinach and kale

with cheese in between.

For fun I’ll knead 

sticky bun bread,

take it from the oven

and flip it on its head.

I love to make berry

and marshmallow hash,

a preserve of peach

with a lemon splash.

For sup crisp veggies

softened with steam,

with grilled brook trout

from a Michigan stream.

I’m a happy chef 

with a bowl and spoon.

I’ll bake you up fresh

a chocolate macaroon.


Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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