Is Kenaf Marijuana?

Kenaf Ad 3 edited

Kenaf has mistakenly been called and associated with commercial hemp and Marijuana.  Kenaf is not hemp nor even remotely akin to Cannabis Sativa; Marijuana.  Kenaf is a hibiscus, a closer relative to cotton and okra than to hemp.

Kenaf, however, does share a similar Latin name (Hibiscus Cannabinus) to hemp, which is Cannabis.  This can be confusing.  Kenaf and hemp are two completely separate families.  Kenaf is from Malvaceae, hemp is from Cannabaceae.  Don’t confuse them!  Kenaf is a hibiscus plant with a multitude of industrial uses and benefits without any drug liabilities whatsoever.

Our book, KENAF, SEEDS FOR LIFE, is a primer on this revolutionary cash crop that can be grown in all regions of the United States.  The book was originally written with children in mind, but it is fitting and appropriate for adults to gain a rudimentary understanding of this magical plant.  

Download and read   KENAF, SEEDS FOR LIFE for free all day Sunday, November 25.     

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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