Pigeon Picasso

Pigeon Picasso



Pigeon Picasso had a bird’s purpose
to whitewash and paint San Francisco;
the one that was, was growing drab
with gray cement and dirty halo.

So, he took to eating raspberry jam
and splatter-dabbed rich ruby reds;
even the statues regained some luster
as Pigeon Picasso wrought brighter heads.

He went to stooping atop the opera
and dropped a splotch with scarlet hue,
then pecking jello of blueberry color
he painted a patron’s bird’s eye view.

He favored cilantro in a mix of greens
with drizzles of lime and lemon oil;
he peppered the piers and ferry docks
with crystalline shine of aluminum foil.

Picasso became sensational news
to those in schools for fine fowl art;
a splatter here and a splatter there
and soon Picasso was reigned his part.

Mayor Newsome sought Professor O. Poop
to tell what was and what was not;
for there were many fake Picassos
painting bricks in the parking lot.

Even the Governor oohed and ached
to make a speech of gesticular fuss,
so much so he proclaimed Picasso
as artist infamous for the month.
*P.O.P- Professor O. Poop or Pigeon O. Picasso

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books

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