Lighthouse Art, Prints, Cards and Books

We at QuickTurtle Books wish you all the very best for the Holidays. You will find some new products in our store.

Besides books, we have a wide assortment of lighthouse cards and prints in our Lighthouse Series. the featured Oak Leaf Lighthouse is available in our online card shop.

Our Book of the Week is our kid’s rhyme, If I Were a Lighthouse. written and illustrated just for kids. It is available in our online bookstore.

Grand Haven Lighthouse cards and prints available here.

Marquette Lighthouse cards and prints plus many others here.

Keepers of the Light book filled with the paintings by Richard Rensberry accompanied by a delightful rhyme for kids. 6 x 9 paperback

Our store is brand new and up and running! I hope you stop by and check out our artwork and books.

Sincerely, Richard Rensberry, author and artist at

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