A few days ago, I found and stepped into the last phone booth on Earth to exercise the power of Superman. In one fell swoop I changed the title of my book from HeartWood to:


This is a book of poetry that wends it way through the bows of the love tree where the landscape of the heart is moved by the passions of a man for a woman. These are poems of fervor and drive tempered by the heart. They are both physical and ethereal, simple and complex as matters of the heart can be. Continue reading

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The Wolf Pack Moon


Cover painting by Richard Rensberry

Book design by Bri Bruce Productions

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The lion’s share of the poems contained in this book was written under the influence of the wolf pack moon during the months of January and February of 2015.  This is the name of the winter moon as given by the Algonquin Indians that hunted and gathered the Great lakes State of Michigan where the author spent his youth.  The hard northern winters are a battle between optimism and pessimism and the poems are a reflection of that struggle.  These are verses of the lands within and the lands without as written beneath the glow of the wolf pack moon.

Richard Rensberry grew up on a small farm in Northern Michigan accumulating spiritual riches only the heart of nature can distill.  These riches weave themselves in and out of his poetry like the rhyme and rhythm of his words.  He has the blood of a wolf and the heart of a gypsy.  He is married to fellow author and muse, Mary Rensberry.  They are co-authors of the books It’s Black and White/A Turtle Quest for the Ages, The QuickTurtles Go to School, Wake’s Day and Wake Helps.  Together, they founded QuickTurtle Books® in 2013.