Evolution of the Hand

Scan 6

I have always felt
a little uncertainty regarding hands.
They have
been rebellious at times
and uncooperative. They have
embarrassed me
by doing inappropriate things
at inappropriate times, especially
when it comes to women
and bad drivers.
On the other hand, or should I say
on both hands
there’s the matter of goofing around.
Why do they have to
monkey with each other so much? Why
can’t they team up
and work together, rather than
having to assert themselves
as being so far to the right
or so far to the left?

The left has always tended
to be more liberal, soft and open.
The right
is much much stronger
and way more calloused, but certainly
more constructive. I do believe
that they have grown
jealous of one another
and cold blooded. I feel
if they couldn’t assert themselves
they would hibernate and wake up
rather mean. They’ve done it
before. They are after all
like gorillas… some intelligence
but not enough. They are too
and look for things to target
with a finger. At night
they have grown accustomed
to a lust all their own. They wander
in the darkness with a fondness
for bodies, they twitch and scratch
at odd times. I’ve noticed
their nervousness
when a fly or mosquito is nearby.

At such times
they act more like lizards
or maybe a toad. They dart and snatch
with the speed of a tongue. Other times
they just seem bored. They will sit
for hours, meditate and breathe
like a crocodile… then
go through a manic phase
where they have a hankering
to make fists. They will
violently shake themselves in the air
and have powerful urges
to strike. Especially bicyclists
that think they are cars, and yet
obey not a single law. Or maybe
jay walkers who think
it is easier to stop
a two ton piece of metal and plastic
than themselves. Hands
can be impulsive and quick
when it comes to assholes that drive eighty-five
in the slow lane, and those that go
fifty-five in the fast lane. Hands
have little tolerance
and no patience for this. I know
this to be a fact. My hands have spoken
of memories. They have spoken
of fangs and forked tongues
of distant cousins
before fingers were born.
Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books®

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