Ashamed To Be A Democrat


The last truly democratic president from the Democratic Party to occupy the White House was John F. Kennedy. His successors were cowed socialists pandering to the New Left. The Democratic Party ceased to exist as an American political party after 1970 when it started adopting the radicalism spawned from the 60’s. Such groups as The Weathermen, Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Liberation Army, The Black Panthers, The Diggers, The Up Against the Wall Mother Fuckers and the White Panther Party sprang into existence in opposition to the Vietnam War and the so called Establishment. Dyed in the wool social terrorists like Bill Ayers, Michael Klonsky, Kathy Boudin, and avowed Communist sympathizers like Saul Alinsky, Frank Davis, and William Foster became prominent counterculture heros.

These radicals targeted the impressionable youth that populated America’s college campuses where the students were then completely enshrouded in marijuana smoke, hashish, speed and LSD. These drug crazed times gave birth to a new breed of amoral and soulless politician. Now, long after graduating from those same said Universities of Lower Learning, we find this crop of impractical intellectuals trying to tell us what to think and what to do.

The President’s State of the Union Address would have been well served as an apology to the American People for the Democratic Party’s treasonous anti-American activities instead of the political white wash served up. He should have then given a supplicant address on the party’s plans to atone for their grave mistake and dire damages perpetrated on the people of our once great nation.

Instead, we have a rouge radical by the name of Barack Obama calling the American citizenry too stupid to govern themselves, and waiting in the wings, a compulsive liar called Hillary Clinton just foaming at the mouth for her turn to burn more holes in the constitution.

The American people are very lucky that a patriotic citizen by the name of Donald Trump has stepped forward with enough independent wealth to challenge these career radicals and their modern day propagator called Soros. Donald has been willing to stick his neck out and raise more than enough hackles regarding the Sate of our Union as to get the world’s and our nation’s attention.

It is now time to ignore the spin bin tongue waggling, put down your cell phone and listen.

Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books®

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