Dreamer of Dreams

Dreamer of Dreams

I’m a dreamer
of dreams with eyes
wide open. I see
what is
and what isn’t
seen, imagined or magical
when it comes to hands
and fingers snapped
in an act of theft
of what is left
of God.

I’m a dreamer of dreams
in stereo
surround sound.
I hear
the angels speak
as demons sneak
beneath our joys. I hear
the noise in silence
and the silence in noise.

I’m a dreamer
of dreams
on fertile earth
with seeds strewn
into the future of worth
where seasons turn
from lies
to truth, and men
grow bigger
than the ego of sin.
Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books®

2 thoughts on “Dreamer of Dreams

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    Give Richard’s blog a visit and check out some of his poetry! He is also promoting his book How the Snake Got Its Tail! Check his book out if you get a chance! -OM
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