The Rock

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The Rock

If I were a rock,
I’d be el capitan. I’d dominate
the landscape with a stone face
and intimidation. I could
hurl men like sacks into submission. I could
catch your breath and push you to the edge
of adrenalin. If I were a rock,
I’d scrape the sky in Philadelphia. I’d echo
the proclamations of Benjamin Franklin,
Thomas Paine and the constitution. I’d raise a monument
to common sense and confine the Fed
to a dank cell in Alcatraz prison. If I were a rock,
I’d fit in your pocket, I’d be smooth in your hand
and fly in abundance when the socialists come
with teargas, bullets and handcuffs. If I were a rock,
I’d tumble from the walls of the fortresses built
too big to fail, and crumble
to dust.

Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books®
From The Wolf Pack Moon available from Amazon

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