Monarch Rest Stop


Tawas Point Lighthouse 

On September first we laid over with the Monarch butterflies on the shores of Lake Huron for a book signing event next to the Tawas Point Lighthouse.  When we arrived the weather was warm with a hazy sun and light winds.



We found the butterflies had decided sometime in the night that it was time to skedaddle.  Here and there a few stragglers were still flitting about, but the mass had summoned their winged magic and their adventurous will to disappear out over the waters of Tawas Bay.

Plenty of folks showed, looking eager and hopeful for a day filled with monarch wings.  There were hikers and bicyclists, Moms with strollers and kids in tow stopping by the lighthouse and our booth.  

Our book display was under a little big-top anchored by our maritime books, IF I WERE A LIGHTHOUSE and BIG SHIPS.  Other of our Michigan themed books on hand included:  MAPLE TREE ELVES, THE SIREN OF MACKINAW, GOBLIN’S GOOP, GRANDMA’S QUILT and I WISH I COULD.



We met folks from far and wide.  People had come from all over Michigan, Ohio and as far away as Miami, Florida.  It was a fun day of meeting, greeting and reading stories under the watchful eye of the lighthouse.


Many children entered our drawing to win a free book.  Steven, age about 10 was the winner of an autographed copy of The Blue Ice of Michigan.

final Cover for Blue Ice copy

We were scheduled to be on site until evening, but often is the case around the Great Lakes, a squall moved in and dispensed enough wind and rain to drown us out.  Books and weather just aren’t a good mix.  So we packed up and said goodbye to the Tawas Point Lighthouse until next time.


May you stand mighty and watchful for another thousand years.


Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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