Do You Need An Editor?

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The Value of Editing Cannot Be Discounted

   You have just spent a considerable amount of time writing a book with a lot invested in it on an emotional and creative level.  You have labored over each word and paragraph to create a work of art.  You think and feel it is perfect.  You are adamant and passionate about it.

     Well done, you have done something most people can’t do.  It takes persistence and an iron will to complete such a daunting task as writing a book.  Be proud, but aware that you now have what could be considered a first or rough draft.  It’s like having a car that is sputtering and back-firing, the brakes are squealing and mis-alined, the muffler is not muffling and various other fixes and upgrades are needed to make that car a vehicle that will purr and get you down the road to where you want to go— published and read.

     A tiny fraction of people can take that car and do the repairs and upgrades all by themselves, but that is a very rare person indeed.  Most of us need to get that car to a mechanic with the skills and tools needed to make those repairs and adjustments for us.  It is no different in writing.  An author needs an editor, someone unemotionally attached to the newly created book who can look at it with a fresh eye that won’t weep at moving commas or deleting phrases and paragraphs full of redundancy.  For you as an author, it is time to let go of your masterpiece and take a breather.  You have done your hard work, you have created something that never before has seen the light of day—a book.  

     After all that hard work, don’t let your ego now stop the process.  Your decisions at this juncture could mean the difference between a jalopy gathering dust in the garage or a race car capable of humming around the track and into the winner’s circle.  Find yourself a good editor that believes in your book, someone that can help weave your words and paragraphs into the hearts of readers, because nothing ruins a good story faster than no or bad editing.  Ask any successful author and they will tell you that editors should be considered as a best friend and not as an enemy.  Good books are edited, great books have the best editors in the world.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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