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Everlasting Adveertising


Robert Lawrason of Kenaf Partners USA (Onaway, Michigan) has partnered with QuickTurtle Books® and QuickTurtle New World Advertising (Fairview, Michigan) to create a Kenaf children’s book to help promote the environmentally friendly and economically sound Kenaf plant.

The book has just been made available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook.  

It is the goal of New World Advertising to help Kenaf Partners USA to raise a new generation of advocates and entrepreneurs with enough awareness and foresight to grasp the vast possibilities inherent in this magical plant.  We believe Kenaf’s versatility and hardiness sits on the horizon of a new generation of farmers willing to implement more environmentally friendly and sound practices.  Organic based permaculture and more noninvasive farming techniques will be the tsunami of the future.  The ability to give more and receive back more from our precious planet will enable the re-establishment of the harmonics between man and the natural world of abundance that sustains him.

QuickTurtle New World Advertising and QuickTurtle Books® are proud to partner with such an ethical and worthwhile cause bravely put forth by Kenaf Partners USA of Onaway, Michigan. 

“CHANGE YOUR VIEWPOINT AND CHANGE THE WORLD.”  Richard Rensberry, Creative Director of New World Advertising. 


Kenaf cover 2

Richard and Mary Rensberry, Authors at QuickTurtle Books®



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