The Heavenly Spa

god quote


When I awoke early this morning, there was an Angel sitting in the chair beside my bed.  She was wrapped in a gossamer aura and held a look of weary concern in her eyes and on her face.  She reached out with thin fingers and touched me lovingly on the cheek, gave me a meek smile, then rose from the chair like a wisp of smoke and hovered near the ceiling.  Tenting her hands in prayer, she momentarily held my gaze, then closed her eyes and fervently beseeched me.  “Please Richard, I ask you and your brethren to give God and all of us exhausted angels a much needed respite.  We have been overwhelmed by your human lack of responsibility and are in dire need of a nourishing retreat at the Heavenly Spa.  We beseech you and your fellows to restrain (at least for a few hundred years) your obsessive needs to disparage your role as supreme cause and supreme effect of a majority of your woes.  I pray you have evolved your consciousness enough to realize that God made you and your fellow man in his own image for a reason; as sentient beings, you are supposed to create the true answers to your own questions and the outcomes of your heavenly prayers.”

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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