Billboard Ravens


“I can’t wait until I am reincarnated as a human being,” said a talkative raven.   He was sitting with twenty of his pals on a Burger King billboard overlooking a Tennessee freeway. 

The raven next him chuckled sarcastically, “To be a truck driver, I suppose?  How profound!”

“Probably thinks he’d have the where-withal for that yellow Mercedes and that hot chick behind the wheel,” another raven squawked.

“Seems pointless to me,” crowed another.  “Always chasing after something that amounts to nothing.”  After a moment, he added,  “They have to use their dirty airplanes just to get off the ground.  I prefer to travel as the raven flies.”   

“I’m bored,” the talkative one responded, “if I was human, I could be on American Idol.  I could be the topic of this billboard instead of sitting on top of it .” 

“I was human once,” said a greying raven, “I was raven prejudice.”

“We’re going to this billboard’s glorified Burger King down there on Stinky Creek Road,” a couple of the young ravens chortled, “their fries go great with roadkill.  You should stretch your wings and come with us.  It’s always a gas.”

“What was that?  A KFC box?” The fattest ravin asked. 

“You know why humans throw their trash everywhere like they do?  They have no idea that they will have to come back next lifetime to clean up their messes.  They think they die and that’s it, no more worries, no more responsibilities, nada.”

“That’s obscured,” one of the youngsters replied.

“I think the word is absurd, but I like the way your young mind ticks,” one of the elders replied, “because maybe being human is just an obscured absurdity.”

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®

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