Jalapeño Bowels


Today was a disturbance

of the peace.  It was broken.

Protesters congregated.

Anarchists raised their fists.

The police showed up

with riot gear and teargas

in my head.  Some days are like that.

So much unrest within the boundaries

of our lives.  I want to scream

at the nonsense.  There is too much

shoving and foul language.  It is rude.

Just miserable as the weather.

Irritable as jalapeño bowels.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™

Common Sense, Anarchy 2014

“Freedom of Speech has absolutely nothing to do with the right to promote and carry out anarchy.  The intent of The Constitution is not and never has been anarchism.  These so called “protests” in Berkeley, California are not protests.  They are ANARCHY.  They are the product of anti-social reactionaries without constructive intent.  Their intent is the coercive intent of terrorism.  It is to disrupt and frustrate anyone and everyone into a state of chaos.  They are dragging the last remnants of Freedom three steps backwards against a wall and one step short of a blindfold.  Sooner or later someone is bound to pull the trigger.  If they do, the verdict isn’t going to be in favor of those wearing Anonymous masks and sporting baseball bats.  The verdict will be in favor of the Government.  If you choose to participate in the terrorist ideals of anarchism and die as the result, it’ll be deemed and ruled as suicide in the eyes of  civilized women and men.”

This post is Freedom of Speech.   Coercing someone less intelligent to chain themselves to the railroad tracks is not, it is criminal as the doings of Jim Ward’s character Snidely Whiplash.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™





Snidely Whiplash by Jim Ward