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The Final Word


The Final Word

Very well done
on arriving.
It means you have values
and common sense. You have helped
enough to receive
your wings of gold
and a momentary surcease
from gravity. Continue reading


   If I were the sky

I’d reach into the furthest

reaches of self.  I’d find my center

from which to reach out.

I’d expand and contract, bend

and refract

all the colors of the rainbow.

I’d be the greatest

sculptor of light.  I’d be god’s painter

and spread deep yellows

like butter on dusk, I’d coax mellow mauves

  to spruce up dawn.  IMG_0888 You’d snap my photo

and chase my storms.  At night I would

cradle the moon

and spoon planet mars… I’d fling bright stars

into swirls and arcs.  I’d always be high.

I’d never come down.

I’d never need space to keep me around.

If I were the sky I’d know my worth

If I were the sky I’d make Heaven on Earth.

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™