Conversations With Sasquatch, Book 2, Cross Over, Episode 15

Conversations With Sasquatch, The Encounter

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Episode 15

Tecumseh does not own a car, he has an old Indian motorcycle that runs on prayers and his constant tinkering.

“I’ll follow you back to your place,” I tell him and throw my backpack into the backseat of my Mazda where everything seems to be in order.  My phone, gun and ammunition are all still safely sequestered in the floorboard tool box designed for that specific purpose.

Tecumseh’s bike roars to life, does a donut and zips up the two-lane trail out of the woods.  

I feel both elated and in shock, elated to be home from Cross Over, but in shock in having learned that I have apparently been gone for two weeks instead of my vivid recollection of only being gone a couple of days.    

Tecumseh said there has been some worry and anger bubbling up at home.  Though my wife is used to my absences lasting for several days, two weeks is way beyond our agreed upon behavior.  Fortunately, she is well grounded and was able to keep her anger in check, she contacted Tecumseh for consultation instead of the local police.  Tecumseh reassured her I was simply away on a vision quest and would return as soon as possible.  When Tecumseh and I finally appeared before each other next to Big Creek, he had been searching for signs of my whereabouts for several days.  He said he had even begun to worry and wonder himself, if I would successfully navigate my way back from Cross Over.  I don’t know how, but I apparently spent way longer wandering around in the dark between worlds than I have memories to recollect.

Tecumseh’s town of Comins is a tiny place, it has a Post Office, a bar and a convenience store, not much else.  Tecumseh lives in a trailer with a few acres bordering State land on the edge of town, and that is where he offers me a meal of smoked salmon, crackers and a cold ginger ale.  

I am still somewhat shocked and reluctant to join the human race, so the respite before dealing with my domestic issues is a welcome gesture.  The smoked salmon is delicious with a hardened coating of brown sugar, maple syrup, pepper and salt.

“Tell me,” Tecumseh beckons.  “How are my brethren the Chiha Tanka doing in their world?”

“Hang on,” I say, and hustle back to the car to retrieve my bag with the Sasquatch parchments, seeds and roots.  On my return, I pause and call my wife to apologize with a sincere promise to be home in an hour.  

“Check this out,” I tell Tecumseh and hand over the first of the Sasquatch parchments.  

Tecumseh looks it over.  “It’s a teepee,” he says.  “If you take the star points and fold them all vertically, you have a perfect teepee.”

“Hmmm,” I respond.  “Now that you mention it, I can see that.  What do you make of the caption?”

“The Secret of Time,” Tecumseh mouths and ponders.  “A teepee is sister to The Stone Without Time.  It’s a spirit catcher.  It preserves our memories and passes them down.  I have claimed the memories of my father and my mother, and the memories of their fathers and mothers before them.  Time does not exist in the realm of the spirit.”

“Yes, my friend.  That’s what the world is like over there, timeless.  Somehow preserved.  It’s like a step back and a step forward at the same time.  Cross Over exists somewhere beyond man’s everyday concept or perception of reality.”

“And you are their conduit and messenger.”  Tecumseh says with certainty.  “You are Mida, a Chippewa out of time, like me.”      

(to be continued)

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