The Difference Between Real and Virtual

Technology 1.jpg

The internet is like driving around in a car.  You experience things from the fortress of a box.  It is weird, fascinating, addicting, claustrophobic, time saving, time destroying, slavery and freedom.  But for the most part, it simply consumes too much time and thus too much life.  It is like a black hole sucking reality into the virtual.  It eats space, mass and people’s attention to the point of vacating the premises.  If you walk down the street, drive a car or a grocery cart from the fortress of your box without paying attention to your surroundings, you have become virtual yourself.  You are not real, you are a phantom, you do not exist until your vehicle or body runs into someone else and they grab you by the hair and shove your i-phone down your throat.  That’s the difference between real and virtual.

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