The Rock

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The Rock

If I were a rock,
I’d be el capitan. I’d dominate
the landscape with a stone face
and intimidation. I could
hurl men like sacks into submission. I could
catch your breath and push you to the edge
of adrenalin. If I were a rock, Continue reading

The Character “TO” From How the Snake Got Its Tail

Illustration from How the Snake Got Its Tail

This is To the happy snake from my book How the Snake Got Its Tail. This child’s fable was illustrated with the help of Doriano Strologo in 18 interconnected half pages. It has simple words and is an engaging read for adult and child interaction.

A recent review by reader Nathan J. stated, “This is an excellent book with a nice flow and a great message!”

Linda J. said, “I’ve read  many, many children’s books and this book is one I’m certain children will love.”

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Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books®

A Lesson To Be Learned

How the Snake Got Its Tail Cover copy

The permissive attitude toward marijuana use, though it may be exciting to many adults is no laughing manner when it comes to raising children (even though some may find it funny or entertaining after a joint or two).

The rampant abuse of pot among adults and teenagers has begun to filter down and impact a much younger population of children especially in our public schools. In a recent poll of sixth graders in a Los Angeles classroom, 100% of the kids raised their hands when asked if they had tried or knew of a classmate that had tried marijuana. Continue reading