It is hard to grapple
with a statue. In fact
it was quite humorous to watch
an angry mob try
to destroy
Robert E. Lee
in Charlottesville.

They cursed him
and beat him with sticks,
they kicked him, pissed on him
and cheered
as one asshole dropped
his drawers
and shit on him.

Robert didn’t scream.
He didn’t weep or plead
for leniency. He didn’t
even flinch as he sat
resolute on his horse
as if to say, “Go ahead….
curse me, sledge me,
rain me with blows, but
you won’t erase
my face from history…. creation

takes compassion
and gentle touch, it takes vision
and clever hands, it takes artists
with chisels and skills…. not shit
and piss
from anarchists.”

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®





Are Artists the Tuning Fork of Society?

Wake painting
I believe cultures resonate to the vibrations artists create and instill upon their work. Author’s words carry the weight of their focal points. This focus can help or harm the society into which their creations permeate.

As an example, a comedian stands in front of a community and pokes fun not at everyone in general but at a select group of people. The vibration moves and resonates with like seeds of prejudice harbored by his audience and grows. Soon we have ill feelings being expressed against a select group of people. Good or bad? Continue reading

Common Sense, Verdict

“Protests the likes of those occurring in the wake of the police shooting verdict in Ferguson only serve to create the opposite of any positive ends intended.  The difference between construction and destruction are vast.  There are better ways than misdirected emotional reactions for the venting of one’s own ineffectiveness in creating something that is constructive.  In the end, destruction only begets more destruction and a far worse state of existence for all concerned. In this case, these  protests are paving a road to a more oppressive police state in our future and a lessening of those freedoms for which everyone wants.”

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™