It is hard to grapple
with a statue. In fact
it was quite humorous to watch
an angry mob try
to destroy
Robert E. Lee
in Charlottesville.

They cursed him
and beat him with sticks,
they kicked him, pissed on him
and cheered
as one asshole dropped
his drawers
and shit on him.

Robert didn’t scream.
He didn’t weep or plead
for leniency. He didn’t
even flinch as he sat
resolute on his horse
as if to say, “Go ahead….
curse me, sledge me,
rain me with blows, but
you won’t erase
my face from history…. creation

takes compassion
and gentle touch, it takes vision
and clever hands, it takes artists
with chisels and skills…. not shit
and piss
from anarchists.”

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books®




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