How Does One Maintain Integrity?

Golfing Turtle

How Does One Maintain Integrity?
There is a difference between having integrity and being pompous. Integrity contains a degree of humbleness and the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes to validate rightness when it is present and deserved. It also rightly contains the ability to stand one’s ground in the face of wrongness and persuade by rightness to move wrongness toward more rightness. I know that’s a mouthful, but think about it and I think you will agree that it is true.
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A few days ago, I found and stepped into the last phone booth on Earth to exercise the power of Superman. In one fell swoop I changed the title of my book from HeartWood to:


This is a book of poetry that wends it way through the bows of the love tree where the landscape of the heart is moved by the passions of a man for a woman. These are poems of fervor and drive tempered by the heart. They are both physical and ethereal, simple and complex as matters of the heart can be. Continue reading

Summer Love

heart swans

We clasped hands and slipped away
with the horses down the lane
into the meadow. Red-winged blackbirds
held chorus in the cattails
where the cattle drank. The creek had a rush
to compliment the laugh of the mallard ducks
and the air was abuzz with dragonflies.

I remember your face freckled and petite
as we knelt to pick orchids and kissed.
We snipped bouquets to freshen our nest
cradled in limbs of an ancient tree; paradise
where we carved our names, sunbathed
bare-naked, satiated and carefree.

From HeartWood by Richard Rensberry, to be published December 2016 by QuickTurtle Books®